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What Makes Heretic CrossFit Different:

At Heretic CrossFit, we’re not your ordinary CrossFit gym. From the programming to the community, we embrace the heretic lifestyle of not accepting the beliefs of an accepted standard. Mechanics first, then consistency, the intensity is our creed and we make it a focus of our coaching to make our athletes move well first. From there, we build consistency by keeping our athletes accountable and helping them stick to their goals. After that comes the intensity within our athletes limits. Once all these three have been achieved will we then start pushing the limits of each athlete to make them the best they can be.

We train hard and play harder and help people reach a level of fitness they never thought possible. Everyday our athletes are breaking barriers and setting new standards for themselves. Training this way creates a bond, especially when you’re sweating next to people pushing just as hard as you. Together we push each other to move better than yesterday, to be stronger than yesterday and to be better than yesterday. Egos are left at the door (that’s rule #1) and everyone encourages you to do your best for today. Our community is our strength and at Heretic CrossFit our community is strong.


What We Do

At Heretic CrossFit, our box is filled with pull-up bars, kettlebells, barbells, rowers and a wide open area for squatting, jumping, running, lifting, and throwing the way we were meant to move.

All of our workouts are made up of exercises that mirror everyday life and sport. We focus on strengthening our bodies to make picking up our kids/grandkids, doing yard work or housework, or playing your favorite sport that much easier.


Meet Our Coaches

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