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Blame .Com

We end the week with some skill work in the snatch. EMOMs are great to focus on skill work because you can really focus on the movement. Perform one snatch each minute doing your best to have perfect form. Make sure to hit the positions in the drills as you move through the snatch.

The metcon comes to you courtesy of 🙂 This features the Tabata intervals for 5 different (but similar) movements. Work the whole 20 seconds and try not to put the dumbbells down except for the rest.


Snatch EMOM in 15min:
Min 1-5: 65%
Min 6-10: 70%
Min 11-15: 75%


Tabata rounds (20 sec of work, 10 sec of rest):
DB Shoulder Press
DB Jumping Lunges
Ring Dips
DB Walking Lunges
DB Push Press

*Men – 35lbs/Women – 25lbs

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