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Country Dance, Round 2


Country Dance, Round 2

We start today off with some accessory work to get us primed for the metcon. When doing the plank holds at the bottom, start in a pushup position at the top. Slowly lower yourself down 3″ off the ground and hold that for a long as you can accumulating 3min. All other movements are to be done as normal.

During the metcon, count your DU attempts as you do them. Remember to keep your torso vertical and hands in your peripheral vision. Chest up on the SDLHP and accelerate the bar as you stand up.

Accessory Work:

In 20min, accumulate:
50 Landmine Twists
2min OH Hold (AHAP)
3min Push-up Plank Hold (at the bottom)
100 Banded Tricep Pushdowns


AMRAP in 12min:
10 SDLHP (95/65)
50 Double-unders

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