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Death By 10m


Death By 10m

Today we have accessory work to help strengthen all those little stabilizer muscles that our big lifts overlook. Get as much of this work done as possible in the allotted time. Use a heavy weight for the carries and holds and challenge yourself on the pushdowns.

In the metcon, the pushups will be done as hand-release pushups ensuring your chest and thighs are on the ground at the same time :). You may have to pick up your pace sooner than expected on the runs, so don’t take these slow.


In 20min, accumulate:
4x200m Farmer’s Carry, AHAP
3min Monkey Hang
2min OH Hold, AHAP
100 Tricep pushdowns w/bands


AMRAP in 20min:
Run 10m, do 1 pushup
Run 2x10m, do 2 pushups
Run 3x10m, do 3 pushups
Run 4x10m, do 4 pushups
…continue up the ladder until you can no longer complete the number of runs and pushups in the minute. Each time you fail, take the next minute off, subtract 3 and begin again.

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