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“Death By…”


“Death By…”

EMOMs are a great way to build volume without having you muscles fatigue. Death by…anything takes this to a whole new level. In the early rounds, this EMOM is quite easy. There’s laughter, banter and a lot of standing around. However, somewhere around round 8 is where this takes on a whole new look. A quiet focus replaces the laughter and heavy breathing replaces the banter. This is where the real work occurs. Go as far as you can before starting over and remember, the final round is an AMRAP!


EMOM for 20min:
Minute 1, perform 1 pull-up
Minute 2, perform 2 pull-ups
Minute 3, perform 3 pull-ups
*Continue adding 1 pull-up per minute until you can no longer complete the number of pull-ups in the minute. Once you fail, start back at 1 repetition and continue the ladder.


For Time:
5, 10, 15
Ring Dips
30, 20, 10
Alt. Pistols

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