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Git R’ Dun


Git R’ Dun

Our strength portion begins with push jerks at relatively light percentages. This means you should be working on form and moving with near-perfect execution. Keep the bar on your shoulders until you finish your hip drive. Punch the ceiling and stick your landing. These are what you should be working on today.

In the metcon, make sure your clean technique is on point especially as the weight increases. Run quickly and get over the bar to give yourself a little extra rest before the lifts.


Push Jerk: 2×2 @ 60%, 3×2 @ 65%


200m Run
8 Bar-Over-Burpees
RD1: 9 Cleans (135/95)
RD2: 7 Cleans (155/105)
RD3: 5 Cleans (185/125)
RD4: 3 Cleans (205/135)

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