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“God This Is Long!!”


“God This Is Long!!”

Accessory work is great for building all the small stabilizer muscles that we don’t hit with most of our big lifts. However, training these small muscles can and will make for huge PRs when going for your next max effort lift. So go hard and heavy on these as if it’s the only thing you’re doing today.

The first few rounds of the metcon will go quick. After the third round and with about 9 minutes left, you may think “God this is long!” Stay focused and push as the real gains happen at the end!

Accessory Work:

In 20min, accumulate:
2min Overhead Hold, AHAP
3min GHD Ext. Hold/Superman Hold
3min Monkey Hang


AMRAP in 15min:
5 Push Jerks (135/95)
10 Burpees
400m Run

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