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Home WOD 1


Home WOD 1

Begin today’s WOD with a 5min run. Start with 1min at an easy pace, then begin 3 intervals of :30 sprint, :30 slow pace, then end with 1min of a moderate pace.

Perform 10 arm circles on the right and left – forward and backward.
Loosen up your hips with groiners, hip slides or over-unders – 10 reps each side.
Perform 20 bodyweight good-mornings to prep your lower back.
Perform 10 squats with a 3X3X tempo (3 sec down, no rest, 3 sec up, no rest).

Perform WOD. Crush The Day!!


AMRAP in 20min:
5 Pushups
10 Burpees
15 Squats

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