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Home WOD 2


Home WOD 2

Today we focus on our engines – our heart and lungs. Since yesterday was a medium burner that you could just keep moving on, today is about 100% effort. I want you to sprint like your life depends on it. Scratch that. I want you to sprint like your loved one’s (kids, spouse, S/O) life depends on it. You should shoot for an equal amount of splits on every run. Play a game with yourself and see if you can keep an even split or be faster on each round.

At a local school, track or park (if you can measure)

Warm up:

5min of general movement – doubles/singles, light jog, row if you have one
Calf stretch – assume a down dog position (piked body with feet and hands on the ground), cycle pushing your calves into the ground holding for 5-10 seconds each time. Do 10 cycles each leg.
Frankenstein walk 100m
Quad stretch 100m
High knees drive 50m followed by butt kickers the other 50m


10 x 100m Sprints – rest 2:00 between each sprint

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