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Home WOD 3


Home WOD 3

Today’s WOD is brought to you by Coach Adam. Let’s see how fast you can get through these 5 rounds with the 1min plank. I’d say shoot for a 10-12 minute range with a time cap of 15 minutes.

Let’s go over the points of performance:
Situps – make sure your shoulders touch the ground and your torso breaks the vertical plane.
Pushups – start in a high plank, lower your body where chest and thighs touch the ground, keeping a tight core push yourself back up. No worming.
Lunges – make sure your back knee touches the ground, front knee at 90 deg
Air Squats – hip crease goes below the knee, drive your knees out to track over your toes. chest up, stand all the way up (extend knees and hips at the top).
Plank – Hold in a hollow position in the high plank or low plank


50 Jumping Jacks
50 Mountain Climbers
10 Walk outs (stationary inch worms)
10 Leg Swings – forward/backward, across body
50 Russian Twists


20 Situps
10 pushups
30 Lunges
25 Air Squats
1min Plank

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