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Home WOD 4


Home WOD 4

Today’s WOD will give us a break from all the pushing, squatting and lunging from the past few days. This will be 5 rounds on 1min max efforts. If you don’t have a rope for singles or doubles, I want you to practice bounding. Get good at jumping off your toes and staying light on your feet. If you want to challenge yourself, try a double stair step up instead of a single. For the supermans, lay face down and arch up pulling your hands and feet off the ground.

Warm up:

2min of jumping rope or bounding practice
20 butt kickers
20 Frankenstein walks
50 calf raises from a stair/step
20 broomstick/pvc/bodyweight good mornings


With a 20min running clock:
Min 1 – max singles/doubles/bounding practice
Min 2 – max hollow rocks
Min 3 – max stair step ups
Min 4 – max supermans

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