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Home WOD 6


Home WOD 6

Today’s WOD is upper-body focused. Your strength portion is going to be shoulder pressing whatever you have for 3 sets to failure. You can go all strict or like we do with the shoulder complex (press, then push press, then jerk). Your choice.
During the metcon, again, use whatever you have for the snatches (ground to overhead in one motion). For the piked pushups think a push-up in the down dog yoga position.


2min run (out 1min, back 1min)
Pass-thrus (use a broomstick, pvc if you have one, or a long beach towel)
Lacrosse ball love on your shoulder and upper back (tennis ball will work as well)
Arm circles (10R, 10L, 10 Both, forward and backward)


10 DB/KB Snatches – use whatever you have
10 Piked Push-ups
10 Sit-ups

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