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Home WOD 7


Home WOD 7

Since yesterday focused on the upper body, today we’ll go downtown. Start with accumulating 10 minutes at the bottom of your squat. Try to sit down in the best squat you can (holding something for support if needed) for as long as you can. If you can only manage :30, then do 20 :30 rounds. The idea here is to get your hips opened up and get you comfortable being in the bottom of your squat.

Once you’ve accumulated 10 minutes, you should be loosened up to attack the workout. If you need to scale the pistols, use an apparatus that will help you get better and challenge you a bit. Sub jumping jacks for DU (and then go order a rope) and a 2min run for 400m. Shoot for 5-6 rounds on this WOD and get it done!!


AMRAP in 30min:
30 Alternating Pistols
400m Run (or 2min of running)
60 Double-Unders (60 Jumping Jacks)
400m Run

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