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Home WOD 8


Home WOD 8

Ok gang!

Day 8 of home WODs and we’re back to an upper body focused workout. The strength is going to be a tabata mashup of pushups and sit-ups. So you’ll do 20 seconds of pushups, rest 10 seconds, and then do 20 seconds of sit-ups for 16 rounds or 8min.

The metcon is straight forward: pick something up and put it down – 100 times. But first!!! BURPEES!!!! That’s right. You’ll begin this workout with 5 burpees and do 5 at the top of every minute. Enjoy!! 🙂


2min of….bear crawls (find a space and start crawling :))
10 Scorpions/10 Iron Crosses
20 Good Mornings
10 Stationary Inchworms


Tabata Mashup Intervals (20 sec on, 10 sec off):


For time:
100 Ground-to-Overhead – use a DB/KB, book bag loaded with books/wieghts, etc.

*Starting with 5 burpees and at the top of every minute, perform 5 burpees.

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