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T & A


T & A

We end our heavy lifting cycle with deadlifts before we hit the CrossFit Total on Monday. Build to a heavy percent but leave some in the tank for a new 1RM next week. Make sure you’re pulling with your chest as much as you’re pushing with your legs. Turning deadlifts into a good morning is no bueno for the lower back.

In today’s Death By, you will build as far as you can before taking a round off and starting back at 1. Keep your elbows back and corkscrew your hands into the ground.


Deadlift: 3-2-2-1-1 @ 75% – 95% respectively


“Death By Pushups”
Perform 1 pushup, min 1
Perform 2 pushups, min 2
Perform 3 pushups, min 3
…until you fail a round, then start back at 1.

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