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The Great Shoulder Capre


The Great Shoulder Capre

We end this week with some good old fashioned back squats. They say the deadlift is the king of all lifts and the squat is the queen (and some would argue vice versa). Either way, there is nothing better to build overall strength that putting a weight on your back and lifting it. Chest up, knees out, arch hard and lift!!

In the GSC, move quickly on the push presses and don’t forget that second pushup on the double burpees. Sure they suck, but at least there’s only 5 🙂


Back Squat – 5×5 @ 75-80% every 2:30


“The Great Shoulder Capre”
7 RFT:
40 DU’s
10 Push Press (115/85)
5 Double Burpees


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