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Triple Threat


Triple Threat

We start this week with some Oly lifting with hang power cleans. Cleaning or snatching from the hang position is great because it really forces you to create power right from the get-go. With little to no movement on the bar, you MUST create power quickly to get under the bar.

Our metcon or should I say metconsss feature three amraps with decreasing difficulty in pulling movements. Rowing calories increase each round as do WB reps with the final round switching to DB snatches.


Hang Power Clean: 2×2 @ 60%, 2×2 @ 65%, 1×2 @ 70%, 1×2 @ 75%


AMRAP in 4min:
5 Bar MU
10 Cal Row
15 Wallballs (20/14)
-rest 4min-
AMRAP in 4min:
9C2B Pullups
15 Cal Row
21 Wallballs
-rest 4min-
AMRAP in 4min:
12 Pullups
18 DB Snatches (50/35)
24 Wallballs

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