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Ups And Downs


Ups And Downs

Today we’re working on our snatch by using the 3-position drill. This is a great drill to help grove the hip extension at the top of the second pull as you work your way down to the floor. Go as heavy as possible while maintaining good movement. Remember, these drills are about patterning better movement first, THEN adding the weight.

In the metcon, we have double-unders and overhead squats. As the weight goes up, your reps come down so be ultra-focused towards the end.


In 20min, find a heavy complex – 3 position Snatch (high hang, knee, floor)


60 DUs
20 OHS (75/55)
48 DUs
16 OHS (95/65)
36 DUs
12 OHS (115/75)
24 DUs
8 OHS (135/95)
12 DUs
4 OHS (155/105)

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