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Weight Loss & Toning

Our Booty Camp program is a great way to shape and tone your body without using heavy barbells or weights. We can help craft a weight loss program that will help you reach your goals through a proper eating lifestyle (not a diet) and adding movement to help supplement your weight loss goals.

Strength & Muscle Gain

Strength and muscle gainz is the backbone of building a strong body. Our strength program looks to add muscle to your frame while keeping the fat gain to a minimum. Typical strength training requires you to go through a “bulking” phase before your start “cutting”. Through the CrossFit methodology, we add muscle and strength while keeping your fat percentage increase to a bare minimum.

Look Good Naked

Yes. You read that right. We want you to look good naked and feel good naked as well. We want you to feel proud standing in front of the mirror going, “Damn! I look gooooooodd!!!” We want you leave the lights ON when your, well, in between the sheets leaving your partner with their jaws on the floor.

We know that when you look good, you feel good and have better self-esteem. As a secondary benefit, your fitness and health improves greatly and you just exude more confidence as you shape your new body. Shopping for clothes becomes fun again and making your ex jealous is just a matter of fact. Looking good naked is more than just feeling comfortable in your own skin. It’s realizing the inner badass that’s been hiding for years and chiseling your sculpture (your body) into the Adonis that you want and unleashing its power.

So go ahead and stand in front of that mirror naked, we’re confident you’re going to like what you see.

Improve Lifestyle

Improving your lifestyle can be daunting task. When you think where you want to start, a million options come to mind. We have found that when you’re looking to make lifestyle changes that will actually stick, you need to start with 1-2 things that you know you can change for a period of no less than 3 months. Once you’ve developed the new habits and they’ve become part of your new routine, then you can tackle another 1-2 changes on your way to a new lifestyle.

We’ve helped several members create a new life through fitness that helps them live a more vibrant, active life. We offer complimentary consultations on how we can help you make the necessary changes in order to get the lifestyle you want. Our consultations are always just a conversation and never a commitment to sign up for a membership or program.

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