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“Whip It. Whip It Real Good”


“Whip It. Whip It Real Good”

We end the week with some heavy shoulder work using the alternating kettlebell press. This has a different dynamic than using dumbbells in that a kettlebell is more oddly shaped. With that comes a different weight distribution which challenges the muscles of the shoulder…differently.

The metcon today will test your skill of jumping rope. How many rounds can you go unbroken? If your co-workers or friends ask where you got your nice whip marks from, just tell them…”Oh. I CrossFit bitch!!”


Alternating KB Press – 4×10 AHAP, not for time


“Whip It. Whip It Real Good”
AMRAP in 12min:
10 SDLHP (75/55)
50 DUs

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